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Hi everyone!
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Author:  badwolf59 [ Fri 18 Nov 2011, 23:07 ]
Post subject:  Hi everyone!


Well I've already introduced myself in the French-speaking section but here we go again :)

Unlike many people who learn Japanases, I'm not a huge anime fan - you could say I'm a casual fan - and do stress the word "casual" ;-)

However, I'm a fan of foreign languages. I started Japanese about a couple of weeks ago, because I wanted to discover the Japanese culture and get to grips with a language that's notorious for being "hard to learn" from a French point of view (I'm French, by the way^^)

Also, I'm a dubbing fan thanks mainly to the French dub of Doctor Who (I know that's a bit weird lol) and I'm intrigued by the fact that Seiyus are stars in Japan whereas in Europe (France and Spain for instance), voice-actors are neither known nor recognized for their talent by the general public.

AnyWho, I haven't been here long - less than a day - but I already love this site ^^

I'm sure my Japanese will improve significantly thanks to japan-activator :)

Author:  tjsmoi [ Mon 30 Apr 2012, 11:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!


I'm frensh, and I go to Tokyo this month, from 1 April to 11 April. I don't speak japanese, but the littel bite english. This English has lot of help me. So, I write to my friend (new friend japanese) in english, and it'is very hard.

I wish you a lot of pleasure to learn japanese, I try it to.

I stop now to write, I hope I don't make a lot of mistake.

Thank you.


Author:  AbzXhantini [ Wed 04 Jul 2012, 11:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

Hi there nice to meet you :D I just joined as well. I also just wanted to ask you to help me. How do I post on the forum?

Thank you


Author:  Element [ Thu 05 Jul 2012, 00:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

Hello and welcome.
Don't hesitate to ask your questions in the right places (use the "nouveau" function to create a new topic).

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