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New app to improve site popularity
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Author:  Martyr [ Wed 20 Apr 2011, 21:40 ]
Post subject:  New app to improve site popularity

Didn't quite know if this belonged in the site suggestion thread, but I got a good suggestion for an app (which could improve the site by increasing its popularity). Learning new vocabulary words is usually boring and just time consuming. I think it would be much faster if there were an app for smartphones that ties to a users Japan-activator account. Depending on their score, there would be vocabulary flash cards with visual aid, and multiple choice as to what the word means. Choices could vary from disabling visual aid (pictures showing what the word means), to disabling romaji and just showing the kana and the word. I think it would be an enormous help in learning vocabulary and reading skills. I really like the easy/medium/hard time modes in the kana/kanji app.

______ (picture)


The picture for "ookii" could be a big circle next to a smaller circle, with the word おおきい in the larger circle.

Author:  Raphael [ Thu 21 Apr 2011, 20:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: New app to improve site popularity

Thank you for this suggestion. As I have to deal with all aspects of the realization, the main problem would be to get free pictures for each word to make the visual aid. The other major issue is that people would simply complain... because the app size would be too large. I know that because I got several complains after an update of JA Sensei. Putting hundreds of pictures in the app would is not suitable for smartphone applications.

Another problem is the time resource. I don't have as much time as I'd wish to do everything, and I have a family that "should" take precedence over personal projects. For sure I agree that the voc tool should be improved, and maybe even integrate sentences rather than isolated words. I can only but new suggestions on my tasks list for now without knowing when/if I can do it.

I'm currently working on a tool for counters that will appear on the site as a learning tool first, then create a quiz tool for it too. I'm thinking of integrating it in JA Sensei as an external module and I wanted to use pictures too, but I have to find a solution if I want to put it on a smartphone.

Author:  Martyr [ Fri 22 Apr 2011, 07:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: New app to improve site popularity

Definitely put family over work. Now that you mention the app size, I guess it would get pretty big...which means it would be great for the website. A smaller (picture free) version could be on smartphones.

You could also open up a link on the website to submit/create pictures for verbs and such. Basically when submitting, "I agree that my work is free and original".

The external module sounds like a good idea. I'm not extremely knowledgeable with data management, but you could create a new path on the Japan-Activator server hosting pictures and draw them from there. Again, I'm never got really deep in that stuff...so I'm not sure if that is even considerable for an app. It would probably eat a lot of data time for the user as well. I guess you could strip the pictures down to only black and white (like stick people) and save them in the most minimal format. Uh, guess that can't really be an option either since the whole point is to get the user to remember the words based off pictures...

Anyways, good luck with your work.

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