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 Post subject: Conjugation App
PostPosted: Thu 26 May 2011, 01:16 

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I thought it would be awesome if there were an app for conjugating verbs. Much like the writing systems app, it could show a verb in it's base form and ask for a tense to conjugate into.
Here is an example:

Translate "isn't painful"



This could also help users memorize vocabulary. It seems like it would be simple to make as well. Something that I would like to see, if this is ever made, is a customizable time intreval for answering. Like how the Kanji/Kata/Hirigana app has slow/medium/fast, this one could have a user set time. For the scoring (points towards the user's account), preset time zones could be programmed in. Say I set my time limit to answer for 5 seconds...5 seconds could be counted as medium difficulty/speed.

0-2.99 seconds = Fast difficulty
3-4.99 seconds = Medium Difficulty
>= 5 seconds = Slow difficulty

This seems like it would be an extremely useful app, especially for people that cannot use their Japanese and retain the knowledge; such as myself.

There could be options such as showing the English meaning, or even an intergrated multiple choice vocabulary app within (or seperate from) this one. If the English meaning were shown, then the preset time limits should probably be bumped because the user would have to take extra time to read the English; comprehending the extra data. Better yet, there could be a transitional screen that pops up for a few seconds before the next question, showing the English meaning of the next word to come. A good addition would be user options to set/unset polietness levels.

The I adjective was just an example, it would be awesome if there were conjugation for verbs and so on. Even better, options to include/disinclude specific word types (such as I adjectives) from the questions.

Select which type of words appear in the questions:
-I adjectives
-Na adjectives
-Ichidan verbs

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