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Kanji Memorization App (For computer)
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Author:  Martyr [ Sun 05 Jun 2011, 01:42 ]
Post subject:  Kanji Memorization App (For computer)

So this thought just popped in my head, an app for the computer that runs while webpages and/or videos are loading.

From the initial time a webpage is in the "loading" state, a user-defined amount of kanji appear in a toolbar; with the meanings as selectable answers. After the answer is selected, an "incorrect" or "correct" appears in the toolbar, and the next set of kanji is loaded in. The kanji to appear could be specifically chosen, or chosen by grade of the kanji, or just random.

It'd be nice to think that answers could vary too. Say instead of meanings, I select to have pronounciations as my answers to choose from. It'd probably be best if the question was something like "Which one of these pronounciations does not belong to the shown kanji?".

Since people are always on their computers, the amount of wasted time accumulated from waiting for pages to load is probably quite a lot. This could give the users something to do while they wait, and they could probably learn much faster.

There should probably be no time limit to answer, as users will not be constantly using this. Say I choose an answer, I am right, then my video or page loads...I just leave the next set of kanji to wait until I need them.

Even if a user never has to wait on their computer, this could still prove useful. When they are on their computers trying to think where they should navigate to next, they could answer a couple of questions.

This app/toolbar, I'm sure, would be very easy to create. No pictures are required, no servers to load from or send information to. Purely text based.

If you do decide to implement this idea, could you make it for Firefox first? Internet Explorer probably sounds like a safe bet, but Firefox is so much more worth it.

Author:  Raphael [ Fri 17 Jun 2011, 09:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kanji Memorization App (For computer)

Thank you for sharing your ideas. To be honest I've never created such plug-ins, so it might be time-consuming to learn how to do it. Actually, I still have many other tasks that I'd like to complete, so as I'm alone I don't think I can find the time to create such a tool unfortunately.

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