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Author:  therage3k [ Sun 21 Aug 2011, 04:53 ]
Post subject:  Ideas

Being very new to Japanese study, I've noticed several gaps in the market of tools available. JA Sensei is probably the best product I have seen so far, but there are ways to give it more of an edge in the market. Here are some ideas for improvements:
* Kanji pronunciation - it would be great to be able to hear the different pronunciations of Kanji
* Kana Tests - select multiple groups. Sometimes I want to be tested on more than one group at a time, but not ALL the items.
* Kana Tests - if the Kana being tested uses dakuten or yoon, then all the answers available should also be based on a dakuten or yoon character. That way, people can't cheat :twisted:
* Kana Tests (sorry! another one) - Another idea is, some IMEs for Droid let the person draw the character... so maybe the test could rely on the IME doing that, then compare it to the one in the test and see if it was a match.
* I've seen one other app (Obenkyo) which allows you to write the answer, but the recognition is not the best
* Kana - My List...you can only add items to "my list" from the tests, so cannot build a list from all Kana available.
* Death to Romaji! :evil: I do tests as "Katakana to Hiragana" and other way around, to avoid Romaji. I think it is good to know about, but to hinge my learning on it adds an extra layer in my translation process. For that reason, I think it would be better to take an audio test (hear it, select it).

Maybe you have received these items in other feedback already, but thought I would share!


Author:  tangorn [ Mon 22 Aug 2011, 18:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas

Nice ones mostly, especially the audio kana tests. I did katakana to hiragana and back for quite a while, then I realized that I am getting to the point when association is formed between symbols themselves, but I am starting to forget how to read them :) So indeed, the only way to avoid romanji will be the audio test. Can also increase the difficulty by chaining multiple kana together. Like easy test with one syllable, medium with two, and hard with three.

Author:  Raphael [ Wed 24 Aug 2011, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas

The audio Kana test seems the easiest to do and might be done first. The other ones should be realized too, but I'm trying to add more content and tools before making perfect the already available tools so that the application can grow quickly. The writing recognition is the most interesting thing I want to add, not only to write a kanji but why not a full word, or even test yourself on a complete sentence!

Just give me some time to create everrything, but do give more feedback so that when I'll create the tools, all the good ideas are already gathered!

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