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'Radicals' Kanji word list.
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Author:  Ceridan [ Thu 28 Feb 2013, 11:13 ]
Post subject:  'Radicals' Kanji word list.

I may have missed it because I'm a newbie at this.

Would it not be better to add a new list to the default Kanji lists that is made up of only the 214 radicals.

I would like to learn just a list of the radicals to begin with so I get use to the strokes order etc and also be able at the very least take a 'guess' to the meaning of a Kanji character even if I don't know that specific one. (the dog/mouth) example in the Kanji lesson is a good example of this I think.

Is this a bad idea for learning them? :?

Going straight to learning the Jouyou lists without learning the radicals seems like it would be harder.

Don't be afraid to tell me I'm an idiot for thinking this ;)

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