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Be with my Japanese girlfriend
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Author:  Yoannbonnard [ Tue 13 May 2014, 15:50 ]
Post subject:  Be with my Japanese girlfriend

good morning/afternoon/evening ( depending where in the world you are ).
Before I ask you some questions I'll explain to you my situation.
I'm a young french man aged of 22 years old, French is my native language ( of course) I speak fluent english and I'm learning Japanese since the end of the last year, I have a conversationnal level,and I can, also, have basic written conversation in this language, Furthermore I know about 650 kanji ( I keep learning until I'll be able to use the 2000 required ) .
During the last year, I met my girlfriend who's Japanese. She came in France with his saved money and a visitor Visa . As you may know, this Visa give the right to live in the country for a year but it doesn't allow the person to work there. It's why she tried to change this visa into a work-visa or a student-visa but for both of them she couldn't sucess : For the student-visa she was too old or something like that and for the work-visa one say it is very complicated to get one if you haven't a special competence ( like informatician for instance ). So ... she took the same visa in order to be with me until the next year but after that her saved money will be terminated and she'll must return in Japan ...
I don't want to lose her, so I'm thinking about a way to be with her in Japan .
And here's my questions :
1/ It is also very complicated for a foreigner to get a work-visa to be in Japan . ( I haven't a special job, I'm currently "museum guard " . And if you know a way to get one, could please, teach me how to do ?
2/ As a foreigner, which kind of job could I do . I thought to be a " French teacher " but there ain't many Japanese peoples who want to learn french. Most of them rather want to learn english ... So, In that case, there would be a possibility to be an english teacher even If I'm French.
It's all for now, please help me if you have some advices or similar experiences .
Thanks you in advance,

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