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JA Sensei's Kanji Learning Tool and Other Stuff....
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Author:  Lightpost [ Tue 12 Apr 2016, 18:39 ]
Post subject:  JA Sensei's Kanji Learning Tool and Other Stuff....

First of all, I wish I could thank you enough for coming up with this site and the mobile App!!! I bought Premium Access as a Christmas present for myself!

I would like to suggest including the Kanji Readings in the Quiz instead of just quizzing us Premium Users about the meaning/s.

Remembering the On and Kun Readings for each Kanji might not work well for some, but, after trying WaniKani, it turns out it works just fine for me, and I'm sure there are others like me who would benefit a great deal if the readings are included in the Quiz (we can take an On Yomi or Kun Yomi Quiz or a mix of/both).
I would save up money again if you expand the Kanji lessons and make it similar with WaniKani's SRS version and I would gladly pay for it if it tackles learning Kanji in a very efficient and comprehensive manner similar to WaniKani.

Or better yet, include the Kanji Invasion game (if it's not too much).

Also, it would be nice if there's a "floating" toolbar that is always present on the top part of the screen on certain Lesson pages (which could also be toggled off through a setting). This toolbar will let us easily toggle Kana, Kanji, Romaji anytime without having to scroll all the way back up, especially on pages with very long texts.
Or more conveniently, make the toolbar appear if we swipe down from the top so as to not obstruct/show more of the page.

Including Quizzes on the Vocabulary page of each lesson is a wonderful idea!
But it's annoying how it doesn't go back to the previous page after completing the Quiz - I end up in the Vocabulary Module/Tool and waste more time tapping and swiping just to get back to the Lesson Module and find the page I was previously on prior to starting the Quiz.

Being able to choose a pic from my phone as a photo instead of taking a snapshot from the camera would be a nice, though small improvement too!

Thanks again, Raphael and the Team!

Mabuhay from the Philippines! :D

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