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Couple Suggestions about Kanji, particles, vocabulary, etc
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Author:  Goldenangel3341 [ Thu 20 Dec 2018, 19:53 ]
Post subject:  Couple Suggestions about Kanji, particles, vocabulary, etc

I really would like a way to learn the kanji you learn in Kanji mode and the best way for me is learning them with previous kanji I already know.

1.For example if I'm trying to learn Jouyou Elemertary 3rd year it would be great to see its respective kanji paired with Jouyou elementary 1st&2nd in word examples.

2.I really wish there was a way to train with particles and Grammar to see if one understands it. Especially with the Kanji your trying to learn. Maybe the vocabulary section could be part of it somehow as you attempt to (even though it might not make sense with the kanji you currently know) to put together your own conjugations.
Or JA sensei could throw out words and maybe from your own personalize list to see if you know them well enough.

3. Have a way to choose how many new Kanji you want to learn when you click New Kanji in Kanji mode.

4. Is JA Sensei discord good idea at all?

This is all I can think of at them moment and I hope I made sense.

Also how do I change the forums to view in English instead of France? I looked at the FAQ and and I couldn't find an answer.


Author:  shiroiookami [ Sat 31 Aug 2019, 15:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Couple Suggestions about Kanji, particles, vocabulary, etc

Click on the flag at the top right of the page.

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