miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

I've added RSS feeds for the news entries.

If you have heard about RSS feeds without really knowing what it is, here is a short explanation. RSS feeds contain information from a site (mainly textual info). This information can be anything: news, lessons, vocabulary list, etc. People visiting the site can subscribe to the feeds and read them usign a reader (google reader for instance) without having to visit the site. You can then gather information from several sites into one single page.

If anyone of you has a site or a blog and want to implement my feeds, I might create feeds for each lesson, and then you could integrate the lessons into your blogs. If I correct them, your site will be updated automatically! If you are interested in such a feature, let me know, I might create feeds for lessons.

To access the RSS feeds, simply click the icon  RSS at the bottom of each piece of news.

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