sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

I often see beginners asking the same questions when they start learning Japanese. It's true that it's not always easy to get organized by ourselves as the Japanese language can be so different from what we know.

So I've added a small picture right above the main menu so that it can bee seen easily. When you click it you can reach the FAQ section. Members often don't see this section that could help them quickly.

I've also added a new article in the FAQ named "Getting started". The article tries to answer most of the questions that beginners might have. I'll publich more articles step by step.

When you click the picture, you'll be given the opportunity to hide it once and for all. I'm aware that not all of you want to check the FAQ, and that you once you have, you might not need it any longer. So to save some space and move the main menu back to the top, you can get rid of the picture at any time.

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Escrito por Raphael

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