lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

It was a huge work to get them all finished, but here are five new great lessons to reach a new level!

Ticket office at the station

- count objects (counters)
- read the time
- kurai / gurai
- dochira
- "to want to do"
- Culture: puntuality
- Culture: means of transport

How is the weather?

- adjectives past form
- counter DO
- past form of -MASU
- particle KA NA
- Culture: Japanese climate

At the hotel

- counter KAI
- counter HAKU
- compting from 10,000 to more
- Culture: sleeping in Japan

Getting ready before learning verbs

Japanese verbs - part 1

I'll be please if you can post a few comments so that I can know if you like the lessons or if I should change anything. Make yourself be heard!

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