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viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

The French magazine Mobiles Magazine, which has had authority about mobile news and trends for 15 years, has selected JA Sensei among the best 270 applications for Android!

In the special edition n°3 released on May 18th, the team has tested JA Sensei and rated it 4/5! Not so bad for my first Android application, knowing that the Android Market already ahs more than 250,000 applications.

It will give me some more motivation, and I must admit I quite need it to go on developing such a challenging project. 

Here is the French article with its translation on the right

JA Sensei lets you familiarize with the Japanese language. You can then learn progressively and by level Hiragana and Katakana, add Kana and Kanji in a personal list, listen and practice your pronunciation for each Kana...

3-level quizzes (easy, medium, difficult) along with an option for a countdown will let you check what you learnt, your concentration and target your weaknesses.

Learning how to write Kana by drawing them directly on your phone is one more feature. The developer has announced new modules (numbers, etc.) for the versions to come.


Escrito por Raphael

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