miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

I'm happy to be able to put online the new Phrasebook module. After many hours spent with my wife to program the tool and record the audio files, the module is finally ready... well, almost. There are still 200 sounds to record, that will be done by the end of the week.

Concretely, the tool offers 17 common themes gathering almost 500 very useful phrases for travelers. But even if you don't intend to visit Japan, the tool will let you learn many simple sentences by heart so that you can improve you aural comprehension and oral expression! If you are too busy to learn the Japanese grammar and heaps of words, it's the most effective way for you to cope on your own with Japanese.

Along with the 500 phrases and 17 themes, the Phrasebook also comes with 2 dynamic games. The first one will let you listen to a random Japanese phrase, and you'll have to translate it into English. The second will display a English phrase randomly, and you'll have to translate it into Japanese. If you can't find the answer, simply click "Show the answer" to get the right answer. That way, you can learn quickly many phrases.

So now have a look at it by going to "Lessons > Phrasebook" from the menu on your left.


UPDATE 06/09/2011: I've added the missing audio files.

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