jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

JA Sensei version 2.0

I'm happy to announce the release of JA Sensei version 2.Aside from technical and boring info, the biggest new feature is the integration of drawing recognition. You can answer Kana and Kanji quiz questions by drawing characters on your device. JA Sensei then checks automatically whether you're answer is write, and tells you how accurate you were!

But that's not all. I've also integrated the drawing recognition for the Vocabulary module!! You must draw each kanji or kana of the word to get your answer right. It's a lot of fun, and you'll find yourself learning Japanese kanji without even realizing it!

The other new feature is visible in the lessons module. You can now see a content description for each lesson. It's handy to find information quickly. Also, some module installations have been improved and are faster (up to 60%!)


Culture Section Opening

As announced in the beginning of the month, a new culture section has appeared on the site. Many texts have been written by yourself and I wanted to thank you for your help because without you, this section couldn't have opened quickly. Some texts contain few images for the time being. I'll improve them progressively, but I first wanted to open this new section instead of making you wait too long. Many other articles will soon be published.

Some texts only exist in French and some others only in English. So the next step will be to trasnlate them all. French members will help me translate them. If you are a native speaker and want to help proofread some articles, please contact me.As soon as French members have translated a few texts, it would be great to have new articles written in perfect English, and you can earn contribution points to have a Samurai access on the site.

Audio files for the VOCABULARY exercises

We go on recording audio files for all themes of the vocabulary tool on the site. 216 new files have been added. These audio files are only for Samurai members.

The themes concerned this time are:

  • Politics - Election
  • Politics - General
  • Time - Dates
  • Countries
  • Catering
  • Sport
  • Computer
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