domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

What is good about year-end holidays is that you can eat cake again without feeling guilty or having to justify yourself because this only happens once a year. So, you say to yourself that you can let yourself go for once…SourirePersonally, I am often the last one at the table…

These jokes aside though, here is a quick summary of things accomplished this year:

  • The biggest work, the creation of an application for Android phones named JA Sensei!
  • Creation of a Facebook page for the site (with almost 1000 fans, thank you to all!)
  • Addition of 2 lessons: the lessons dragged on this year due to the other works
  • Addition of a section on Japanese counters with excerpts and audio games
  • Addition of a “phrasebook” section with excerpts and audio games
  • Creation of several new vocabulary topics
  • Recording of audio files for all vocabulary topics (80% completed)
  • New stroke order system for more than 6000 Kanji!!
  • New Kanji tool for printing index and flash cards
  • Creation of a culture section with many original writings (all of the writings have not been added yet and a big thank you to the members who created some of the writings.
  • Addition of JA Kana, a new smart tool for learning Kanji with an audio quiz

That is overall the work that has been done this year. When I look back, I realize that there is a lot that has been accomplished. But the important thing will be what will be achieve in 2012. I already have many projects in mind but since the activity is changeable, I don't know what will be or may be accomplished. Certain things I wanted to get done in 2011 eventually couldn't be done because things changed and one has sometimes to adapt quickly. Therefore, I prefer not to speak to 2012. In any case, I will make an effort on the lessons; I had some unpleasant but sometimes truthful comments on this matter. There are also other tools much like JA Kana for renewing the exercises (the other tools will remain online).

Anyway, I wish you all and your relatives excellent New Year’s holidays. There have been many of you, once again this year, who followed the progress of Japan-Activator and encouraged its growth. And for that, I am very grateful to you. Let us meet again in 2012!

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