viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

I'm very happy to announce the integration of many Japanese particle pages in Japa-Activator! There are currently 80 different definitions for about 20 particles. Simply click "Lessons > Particles" in the menu on the right-side of the site.

Even after studying Japanese for a few years, foreigners may still not master them, because their usage is sometimes subtle. Therefore, I thought it was important to help you by adding much information on Japanese particles on the site so that you can always have a comprehensive reference.

And on top of that, all the information is completely free even if you don't have a Samurai account !

Some important particles are still missing (NE, YO for instance), but this project is far from over, they'll be added along with many others

And you, what do you think of Japanese particles? Which one are the hardest ones for you? How do you learn them ?

Escrito por Raphael

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