domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

This year was exceptionally creative with many new features appearing on the website along with the development of JA Sensei, the application for Android devices. I wanted to give a summary of what was done here.

  • New section for Japanese particles with more than 60 documents written and with audio examples. In addition all the content was also translated into French. Several weeks of research and writing were required to offer a unique content, and all the more free.
  • Opening of the Grammar section. A huge work to write more than 100 sheets covering many grammatical points, of which about 90 are already available on the site. The content was checked and corrected before integration. Again, most of these documents were translated into French. They are sorted by JLPT levels and are again free.
  • The Vocabulary section was also highly enriched with new themes (Cuisine, Universe, Cars, etc.). Audio files were recorded for each new word to let you practice your oral skills.
  • A brand new modern design that automatically adapts to the size of phones and tablets. It was necessary to refresh the general look & feel, and to build the future on solid foundations.
  •  A top-notch Japanese verbs conjugator, capable of conjugating simple and advanced structures. It also works as a verb dictionary! This module has requested a substantial investment in human resources to review and improve a database of thousands of verbs one by one and to make sure the information was correct. I decided to give this tool to Samurai members  only to give all this work more value and to encourage more people to participate in the development of the site.
  • JA Senseithe application for Android, was updated no less than 13 times this year. It would be too long to mentioned them all here, but there are still many other fetaures to integrate.

Year 2012 was intense and is coming to an end. For 2013, there are many projects and ideas still waiting to be integrated. There are two projects in particular that I'd like to see come true, but it's still too early to talk about it. Now has come a time for celebrations, enjoy these moments with your loved ones. I wanted to send a special thanks to those who have helped me so far, in one way or another, but always with the same motivation and desire to make things move forward. I hope the best for you all, see you in 2013, and by then I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Escrito por Raphael

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