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JA Sensei 2.6.2

JA Sensei version 2.6.2 has been published on Google Play. This new version comes with a great new feature for the Kana / Kanji drawing tool.

In the learning mode (Kana and Kanji sections), the old drawing tool has been replaced by the new one that was already available in the quiz mode. What does it mean? The tool can now assist you when you are learning how to write a new Kanji.

  • Every time you draw a stroke, the tool shows you if the stroke was the one expected
  • If you make mistakes, the tool tells you where they are
  • You can let the tool draw the Kanji before you start practicing
  • Press the validation button to get a score from 0% to 100% depending on your drawing accuracy.

The grammar section has also been updated with 6 new grammatical documents (for a total of 85 now!). Here are the new structures you'll learn:

  • Not only..., but also... (ue ni)
  • Every time, repetition, would (habit) (tabi ni)
  • I heard that, apparently, it seems that (sou da)
  • About, concerning, relative to (ni tsuite)
  • Full of, covered with (darake)
  • Often, repetition of negative events (gachi)

Please download the module again in JA Sensei. You can also find those documents on Japan-Activator in the Grammar section.

New project: do you want to learn other languages?

I also released a brand new application a few days ago relative to a new project called SpeakOasis. The objective is to release new applications to learn other languages based on the same system as JA Sensei. I started the project with the French language (my native language), but I'll release other languages with multilingual interfaces quickly (interface and content currently available in English and Japanese).

If you like JA Sensei, wouldn't it be nice if you could learn other languages on the same basis? If that sounds great to you, I'll need your help to make this project a success. How can you help? Simply by installing the application and rating it (or even leaving a comment!). This will improve the applications visibility on Google Play so that people see it and start using it, and it will be a great motivator to me if I see that people are interested in what I'm doing.

SpeakOasis Learn French currently has a Phrasebook of 1,100 phrases (I mean to add more modules just like JA Sensei). It comes with 300 free phrases, and users can get the whole content for only 0.99 EUR (introductory price). If, by chance, you're already learning French, you might be interested in this new app, as the price is still very low, and you'll get more and more content later without paying again.

Any way, I hope you'll appreciate the initiative. The applications were programmed in a way that I can update them quickly, so it'll not slow down JA Sensei's or Japan Activator's evolution, and I'll go on releasing new versions and content regularly.

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  Publicado el 25/2/2013, 0:02:02 #1


Hola yo hablo español me gustaría aprender ingles y me gusta tus aplicaciones y pagina, muchas gracias :)
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