domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

If you know JA Sensei, you may also know that I launched an application a few months ago called SpeakOasis French, which is a phrasebook for people learning French or willing to visit the country.

Since you are interested in the Japanese language, you may want to know that I published last week SpeakOasis for the Korean language.

SpeakOasis Korean is again a phrasebook containing more than 1,100 useful words and sentences grouped into many topics. The audio source was recorded by a native speaker, so the pronunciation is perfect , no automatic vocalization is used.

How much is the app? It's free! If you haven't a profile yet, just create yours and you'll be able to download the full version. So enjoy, the quality of the content is really excellent, and many other things can be done depending on your interest in the project.

SpeakOasis is an ongoing project that can bring a lot of new things, some directly to Japan-Activator and JA Sensei, but it is still too early to think about it seriously.

For the project to be successful, I need your support. The application is free, but please rate the application positively and comment on Google Play if you can. I also created a Facebook page for SpeakOasis to give maximum opportunity to the project, you can click on "I Like" to support the project. And you can do the same for SpeakOasis French if you haven't yet to support the whole project.

Feel free to email me directly to share your thoughts and ideas. New content will also be available for JA Sensei and Japan-Activator soon.

Escrito por Raphael

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