miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

The grammar section is growing. I've just translated and added 8 new documents on the site. They'll soon be available on JA Sensei too, for members who supported me by buying the application. Here is a summary of the new structures you can learn :

DAROU and DESHOU (だろう / でしょう) Supposition, probability, politeness
GA + HOSHII (欲しい) To want something, will, desire
JOUZU and HETA (上手 / 下手) To be good at, to be gifted at, to be bad at
vTa + KOTO GA ARU (ことがある) Experience, have already done
vTe + KUDASAI (ください) Imperative, polite query
TO OMOU (と思う)  I think that..., to give one's opinion
vConj + NAIDE / ZUNI (-ないで / -ずに) Without doing
Adj + KU/NI NARU (なる) To become, evolution, change

I hope you'll enjoy them! Click LESSONS > GRAMMAR in the menu on the left to see them or click here.

Escrito por Raphael

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