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viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

While JA Sensei approaches the symbolic number of 1 million downloads, version 3.2.2 is a major update that shows what you can expect in the future releases. The Kanji module has been redesigned to integrate most of the features that users requested.


Integration of a progress tracking system

To remember long term, it is essential to carry out a cyclic learning regularly punctuated by revisions to reactivate the knowledge needed. Over time, the revisions can be more and more spaced out and the information is stored in the memory. The JA Sensei smart repetition system observes your mistakes and hesitations to customize your learning to constantly reactivate your knowledge at the right time. This is actually an SRS approach optimized for Kanji learning.

The innovative technology of JA Sensei keeps track of your progress for each skill to be developed. By learning Kanji, you can train to recognize them, but it does not help to learn to write them. Learning to read and learn Kanji writing are two different skills to be acquired. JA Sensei now lets you set up your quiz depending on the skill you want to improve.

List management

List management is now much more intuitive. First, you'll not have to create JLPT or Jouyou lists yourself because they are already pre-installed in the application. Furthermore, you can now add and remove Kanji instantly to your personal lists without having to deal with the "My Favorites" button.

If you have too many lists and it may become difficult to find and select the right one in the learning and quiz sections, so you can now "hide" any lists you don't need so to set them aside for later use. A pre-installed list dedicated to Japanese counters is also available.

And more...

The new Kanji sheet was also coupled with other modules (verbs, adjectives, lessons, etc.). At any time, press a Kanji in any context to see its details, practice drawing, or add it to one of your personal lists.

In addition, we relied on two Kanji dictionaries to review one by one about 1,800 of the most common Kanji to improve the proposed meanings if necessary. KanjiDict offers high-quality contents, but also contains a couple of mistakes, or rare meanings, hence the importance of reviewing them manually.

But in the past few weeks, we haven't just worked on JA Sensei, more great features and contents will be released soon.

Download and install JA Sensei (version 3.2.2) from Google Play.


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