lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

JA Sensei 2.4.2

JA Sensei 2.4.2 has been released, and is available on the Google Play. Here are the new features: 

  • Grammar: multiple list manager integrated
  • Grammar: more and more grammatical articles available
  • Grammar: removed strange characters at the end of the documents
  • Vocabulary: quiz from Kanji to Kana by popular demand

NOTE FOR "PRIVATE LISTS" ISSUE: with the preivous update, some people let me know they had lost their private lists. The issue comes from the fact that JA Sensei files are now saved in a different folder. However, the previous lists should still exist on your device. You should go to this folder /{SD Card}/Android/data/ Here are the files for your lists that have been saved. Simply copy them, and paste them in the new folder /{SD Card}/JA_Sensei/lists

New grammar documents

8 new documents have been added to the grammar section

vTe + MISERU (見せる) Determination, promise, to show, to prove
vTe + SUMIMASEN (すみません) To apologize, to be sorry, politeness
vTe (or vNai) + YOKATTA (よかった) Relief, to be happy that...
vTe + MO (も) Even if, even though
vConj + KATA (方) Way of doing, way to do
AMARI + vNeg Not much, hardly, barely
vTe + IRU (いる) Ongoing action, state, repetitive action
HOU GA II (方がいい) Preference, advice, suggestion, you should

Now 45 documents are already available and more are coming. Enjoy!

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