viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

New background illustrations

For users of Japan-Activator, 4 new background illustratiopns will let you customize the look & feel of your account to better suite your taste. Now there are 8 themes available.

To access these settings, click on "My Account" in the black bar at the top of this page or click here to go directly to the page.


Culture Book, updated info

The Culture Book announced last week is almost completely integrated, and there are still tests to be done. The tone is very humorous, and many illustrations will support the article explanation. For now, the content is the equivalent of about 30 pages in Word, and other texts are already under development. The content will focus on both the Japanese customs but also on the mind, behavior and way of thinking of the Japanese in various situations.

In addition, the ability to upload your photo and put your name (these features are optional, default characters are in place), really gives the impression of experiencing these situations yourself. This is much more entertaining and will help your to retain the information.

The Cultural Book will partially remain free. But if you have an Unlimited Samurai access, this will be a gift of great value. In fact, despite the time and financial investment that this project requires, the Unlimited Samurai members will be the first to access the new content, and 100% free! That's right, the Unlimited Samurai members will not need to pay for anything more. The website exists and continues to grow primarily through the Unlimited Samurai account, then I do all what I can so that you never regret your investment.

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