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martes, 4 de octubre de 2016


Live the unique experience of learning Japanese and working in Japan! You might already have thought about it, but it seemed too difficult:

  • Finding a school
  • Dealing with the language barrier when your level is too low
  • Managing administrative papers alone
  • Finding a flat
  • Being alone without help
  • What is the monthly budget required?
  • Etc.

Yet, a simple solution exists that instantly provides an answer to all these problems: get assisted for free by experienced people.

So I wanted to introduce to you the Japanese company Motivist. They accompany you in every step of your project to enjoy only the best, and for free.

Motivist belongs to Ryugakusite whose business is to help the Japanese to go abroad to study for a year. Facing the growing demand of foreigners willing to study in Japan, Motivist was established in 2015 to share all their professional experience.

Even if you are not yet decided, don’t hesitate and contact them to ask them your questions.

Motivist is actually free, they will bring their expertise without compensation, there’s no catch. They are paid by their partnered schools when you complete your project. So stop asking yourself hundreds of questions and desperately trying to find an answer on blogs and forums. Spare our time and get reliable information quickly.

And maybe thanks to Motivist, you’ll live an experience that will change your life forever.

Click the logo below to visit their site and discover their services:



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