jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

A new lesson has been added to the website for Samurai members.

New Year Card

  • receiving with MORAU
  • counter MAI
  • highlighting a quantity with MO
  • 6 exercises
  • Culture: Nengajou cards
  • Quiz

Besides, all examples in the lessons on the website have been greatly improved (about 250 exemples), as it was the case for the grammar module. The new system provides great display flexibility. You can customize the examples according to your needs and your way of working. Here are the new features:

  1. Ability to separate words in the Kanji sentence for better readability and easily understand the structure of the sentence.
  2. The Kana sentence has been removed and replaced by Furigana above each Kanji (Furigana are small characters that indicate the pronunciation of a Kanji).
  3. Romaji can be hidden or displayed.
  4. Kanji are larger for easier identification.

We still need to record the audio for the examples.

Besides, two more lessons will be released next week.

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