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viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

The new version of JA Sensei is available on Google Play (version 2.5.1). Here are the new features:

Google In-App Billing Integration

The Paypal system has been removed to integrate the Google official system. No need to create an account any more. If you already bought JA Sensei via Paypal, things work as before for you: log in and download the modules. Do not pay twice!

Server connections in Android 4.0 fixed

With Android 4.0>, you might have experienced problems to log in sometimes. It has been fixed.

Pinch to zoom in text pages

In the lessons for instance, you can now "pinch" and "stretch" two fingers to zoom in and out. This is very useful to make the page more readable, espcially for Kanji.

Personal vocabulary lists corrected

Saving and loading private lists in the vocabulary module was broken. It has been fixed. If you downloaded version 2.5.0, please remove it and update it to version 2.5.1. A bug appeared making impossible to active some modules for some people.

I receive many messages from you to support the application and to share ideas on how to improve JA Sensei. I try to reply as fast and to as many people as I can, but even if I can't reply quickly, do know that your messages are read and much appreciated.

An easy way to support JA Sensei and to share it with others is to click the Google+1 button on the download page (on the right side of the screen, just above the Tweeter button).

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