My Amazing Trip To Japan


Experience Japanese culture through
fun and surprising adventures where YOU are the hero!

A cultural guide for understanding the situations in which you may find yourself!

If you have already had the chance to visit Japan, then you have certainly experienced situations that seemed to escape you, or you misinterpreted certain behaviors. Worse, sometimes you thought you were doing the right thing, and you did the opposite without even knowing it!

Travel to Japan with this custom cultural guide, and take part in the adventure by experiencing embarrassing or funny situations. This guide will prepare you for the subtleties of the Japanese spirit with humor before leaving. Even if most of your blunders amuse the Japanese, a real unease and deep misunderstandings can arise if you’re not able to understand how a Japanese person perceives things.

Meet many people during your trip!

Many illustrations bring more clarity to the plentiful information and stories, and contribute to the humorous tone.

And so that the immersion is complete, replace the main characters with your name and photo, but also integrate your friends in the texts if you wish!

Put your photo and that of your friends instead of the default characters.

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