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Why do I have to sign up to get an access to the whole site?

Japan-Activator is not actually a site like others, but rather a web application. Its goal is not only to give you much content, but also a panel of tools to help you practice what you learn.

Every time you do exercises and pass the lessons quizzes, you get points that are used to increase your rank from white belt to sensei like in karate or judo. In parallel to that, Japan-Activator gives you thorough stats representing your progress.

In order to make it possible for the site to manage your points and progress, you must sign in. Otherwise how to know who should get the points when you do an exercise? That's the only reason why it's required to sign up.

If you still hesitate to sign up, remember that it's free, and read what other members have already said:

Jennifers Very good site to learn Japanese: complete lessons, interesting exercises (and free!), etc. Thank you for this site :)
Euzma I think Japan activator is perfect ^^!
MiKie-ChAn Go on maintaining this site please. Merci for all what you do for us!!
Meitanteikonan It's a very good site, and I think there are very good ideas such as the Kanas exercise that really make them easier to learn. Compared to all other sites, I think it's the best, the lessons are well-thought, even if they are not all finished yet, but I can understand it takes much time... Thank you for giving me a chance to come across such a site.
Folky The best website to learn Japanese and by far! Keep up the good work!
Miyu-chan An excellent site! Really perfect! I love it! Thanks a lot! :D
Leopoloch Everything is perfect in this website, really one of the best I know, congratulations for all the work done =D
Ratatouille I'm a new member, and I came across the site by chance. By working a little every day, one can improve quickly with this method and the exercises. Moreover, it's rather funny to use. Thanks.
Piyou2507 Ideas will come later probably... but Japan-Activator has already set the level very high
Kyuuketsuki Nothing more to say, I just find the site complete and it goes beyond my expectations. :)
Lanae Very good website and complete, it allowed me to learn step by step without getting bored with always the same exercises. Congratulations!!
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