The structure “Verb (conjunctive base) + TAGARU (-たがる)” is used to express someone’s will to perform an action (“to want to do something”). It can only be used when the subject is the third person (he/she/they). We can then translate sentences like these:

  • He wants to go to the cinema.
  • She doesn’t want to tidy up her room.
  • They wanted to go on holiday.

If you need to say “I want to go to the movies” (first person), or ask “Do you want to go to the movies?” (second person), you must use the structure “Conjunctive base + TAI (たい)” explained in another document.

Saikin masumasu ooku no gaikokujin ga nihon ni sumitagatte imasu.
Lately, more and more foreigners want to live in Japan.

Takuya san wa chuushoku ni itsumo okonomiyaki o tabetagarimasu.
Takuya always wants to eat an okonomiyaki for lunch.

-TAGARU is actually a combination of the suffix -TAI and GARU.

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