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Friday, December 24, 2010

I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!

Last january, I opened English version of the site and much as been done since then:

  • Almost all lessons have been translated into English
  • A kanji dictionary has been added along with an Eng<>Jap dictionary
  • Live Chat system to ask question to other members
  • Automatic translator to help you understand the general meaning of a text
  • I've bought a license to use animated kanji strokes with the help of a few members
  • Contribution tools have been created to let you help me in the site development
  • A tool to learn how to write Kana: type the romaji and the text appears in Kana automatically with the stroke order

I still have much to do and I hope the year to come will give me the opportunity. I still count on you to help me.

Written by Raphael

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