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Sunday, May 8, 2011

In the menu, click "Lessons". Now there is one more button labelled "Counters"!

For thos who don't know, counting objects in Japanese is not as easy as in English. You need to use what is called "Counters". This new section of the site lists 47 counters (limited to 15 for the time being for members who don't have a Samurai account).

But that's not finished, for each counter a flashcard is available. It contains information on how to pronounce them (audio is also available). About 600 audio extracts have been recorded. I'd like to thank my wife for her patience.

At last, one or two example sentences are proposed to Samurai members to understand how to use them and how to construct sentences with them.

I intend to give access to more content of this tool to all members, but not for the time being. I actually want to thank people who help me by giving them more content. When the Samurai account has grown enough, I'll progressively release the access to all members.

UPDATE 05/13: I've added the exercise page. It contains 4 dynamic exercises, which means that the questions will change randomly if you reload the page!

Written by Raphael

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