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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The year is already ending, and I hope you will enjoy these moments together with your family.

We are currently still working to put online new contents soon . In 2013 I was slowed down by some administrative tasks, but for 2014 I should be able focus more on the website activities again.

In 2013 the main release was the Reading Assistant to help you read Japanese texts. Learning lists of words is good, but not enough. When reading real Japanese texts, you need to use all your knowledge and skills to understand, and it is a task often overlooked. I therefore advise you to spend some time on this tool, and do not limit your Japanese to learning  lists of kanjis and words. Moreover, other texts will be added to the Reading Assistant .

JA Sensei was much improved, too, this year, and there is still much to be done.

I'd like to hear a little about you and your expectations for the website and JA Sensei. Japan Activator attracts many visitors , but most of you come and use the tools to learn without expressing your opinions . Don't hesitate to leave a word.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and I wanted to say thank you a lot again to the people who support the website and make it alive. See you very soon for some  news.

Written by Raphael

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  Posted on Jan 6, 2014, 1:39:37 PM #9


Hi i am new in JA sensei but i am happy that there isJA sensei because i always wantend to learn japanese . If somebody reads this please write back because i am new and do not know much about JA sensei . I just know much about the app
  Posted on Jan 6, 2014, 12:34:48 AM #8


Raphael, thanks for all the great material!
One of my biggest challenges seems to be with numbers and counters. I love the numbers test you have but have a couple of suggestions - make it so you can test from all the numbers at once and, like the vocab tests mentioned below, a list of the missed numbers...I would also love to see a similar test telling time...perhaps the user could control the speed (11-100 is painfully slow in the numbers test).. again, thanks for all you do, looking forward to a great new year!
ok, one for other counters would be nice too, but I know I am asking for alot :-)
  Posted on Jan 3, 2014, 10:06:51 PM #7


I used to enjoy the progressive lessons on this site but sadly, they were relatively short-lived though the best part of the site by far. I would do the lessons, each one progressing from the previous to stimulate memory retention. After completing them on site I would print them out and use them periodically for reading material coming back to them in a week, then in a month's time and so on. Superb! It meant learning common kanji first with the one particualr meaning in context, and reinforced with further lessons. Superb! Then lessons stopped and for more than a year I had trouble sourcing alternative material which meant I couldnt improve on my reading skills. The kanji tool is useful but when learning to read , I found by experience that breaking away from the reading material to use the kanji tool made me 'lose the thread' of the reading. Better by far to use furigana for pronunciation and which gets the student away from romaji. Want to return for lessons but its 2 years now?
  Posted on Jan 3, 2014, 10:05:16 PM #6


Thank you very much for creating those tools! This site has help me a lot,specially the Kanji extractor tool. The reader assistant is also an unmatched tool that this site offer. Once again, thank you very much and I hope you keep posting more content!
  Posted on Jan 2, 2014, 3:10:39 PM #5


@Dikisski: nice to hear from your feedback and that JA Sensei can help you so much. There is much more to come, so I hope you'll appreciate. About other languages, it's something I'd really like to do, but translating everything takes a lot of time and costs money. In the future I'd like to add more languages, but I have to think about a solution first.
  Posted on Dec 31, 2013, 6:00:29 AM #4


The website. The feedback you get from training is great and being able to spell it out one bit at a time has been awesome but when you test a vocabulary list it tells you how many you got correct of the total but not what the words you got wrong during the test were.
  Posted on Dec 30, 2013, 6:35:19 PM #3


I've tested many apps ans sites to learn japanese and I have to say, japan-activator and JA Sensei have proven to be the most efficient way to master it... Thanks a lot Raphael ! I always recommend JA Sensei for people willing to learn japanese, but unfortunately most of them can't speak Spanish or English (Some of them are Brazilian), so they can't take full advantage of your you think JA Sensei could support Portuguese (from Brazil) language in the future too ? That would help a lot of people. And also, I'm looking forward to studying your new lessons ! Thanks again !
  Posted on Dec 29, 2013, 9:34:12 PM #2


Thanks for your support and feedback. Are you talking about the tests on the website or Android application? The vocabulary tracking is an interesting feature, and it's important to see what mistakes we made. I'll keep that on my to-do list, and I'll improve the vocabulary section. I can't say when yet because I already can't do all waht I'd like to do, but having your feedback helps me know what are priorities.
  Posted on Dec 25, 2013, 12:16:37 PM #1


Thanks for all of your hard work Raphael. I don't think I could have possibly made it as far with my study without your great site and app! Only piece of constructive feedback I have is it would be great if after vocab tests you could see a list of the words you got wrong. Once again どうもありがとうございました
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