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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The first message in 2014 to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! We start the year with new contents on the website

5 new grammar sheets free for all. We've reached 100 grammar sheets now and more to come!

  • vConj + TAGARU (た がる) to say "he wants"
  • Passive with -RARERU and RERU (- られる / - れる)
  • Obligation "must", "I have to"
  • vConj + KIRU (きる) for completed actions
  • AIDA and AIDA NI (间 / 間 に) to translate "while", "as"

381 new words in the vocabulary section with 4 new categories for the Samurai members.

  • Colors: 73 words
  • Linguistics: 103 words
  • Mathematics: 92 words
  • Press and printing: 113 words

Audio clips are available for every word and sentence, and are recorded by a native speaker for perfect pronunciation.

Written by Raphael

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