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Friday, May 30, 2014

4 new themes have been available since two weeks for Samurai members in the vocabulary section of the site. As summer is approaching, I thought that these themes could greatly help you if you plan to visit Japan:

  • Hotel (41 words)
  • Travel (84 words)
  • Post (47 words)
  • Airport (73 words)

Unlike JA Sensei for Android, each vocabulary theme on the site contains more words. There are currently 5,342  words manually translated with care.

There are also 112 new words that have been added in different themes already available to complete them, and more will come. In addition, 500 audio recordings still missing have been recorded by a native speaker. Now 100% of the words have their pronunciation file. Pay attention to the intonation, it can sometimes change the meaning of the word.

Happy learning!

Written by Raphael

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