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Friday, July 17, 2015

All lessons have been updated with many new illustrations (about 150!!!). Far from being only visual, these photos are also very descriptive, and will complement the textual information. They also help to better retain information for users who have a visual memory.

Préparation des maki sushi Cosplay - habillées comme un personnage de manga Merci pour le festin ! Technique de saisie des baguettes
Pièce traditionnelle japonaise avec tatamis au sol Pétales de cerisier après la pluie Lycéennes dans un Kombini Service d'emballage dans un magasin


I hope you'll enjoy these photos that are an opportunity to read the lessons once again. And as always, further work is in progress. Thank you for your support!

(Ganbarimasu, I'll do my best!)

Written by Raphael

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