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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The grammar section has been updated: 10 new documents have been added for a total of 57 (and growing!!). Examples of new things you'll learn:

vConj+ NASAI (なさい) Imperative, giving orders, authority
vTa + BAKARI DA (ばかりだ) Immediate past, I've just done
vConj + NAGARA (ながら)

While doing, simultaneity


Several display issues have also been fixed such as some characters that appeared too small. All documents have been reviewed again and improved to provide better and detailed information when needed. Also some examples have been changed to make the explanation clearer. Of course these new documents all already have audio examples integrated.

The module grammar for JA Sensei has also been updated to include those changes. Please update your Grammar module. To do so:

  1. Launch JA Sensei
  2. Go to "Community" and log in
  3. Back in the main menu, press "Grammar"
  4. You are now in the grammar module and you should see the button "Install", press it, and voilà!
Written by Raphael

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