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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Welcome !

I'm the creator of Japan Activator and I'm glad to welcome you today on the English version of the site. First of all, please excuse my English, I'm actually French and my English is not perfect, but it should still be good enough so that you can understand and learn Japanese on this site.

So what is Japan Activator ? I created the site at the end of 2006 to let people learn the Japanese language in a way mainly oriented towards motivation. Many people try to learn Japanese but just give up because of their motivation. So Japan Activator is here to propose clear lessons to learn the language in an interactive way. In fact, you start as a beginner, that's to say with a white belt like in karate or judo. You then need to win points to get your yellow belt! As your rank improves, you'll be given access to new lessons.

But there are other ways to win points. I created several interactive tools that you can use to train and transform your passive knowledge into active knowledge that you can use. Haven't you ever noticed that there are some words you understand when you hear them, but you never use them when you speak? That's the difference between passive and active knowledge. The main focus of the site will be to make you use what you learnt because it's essential to improve your Japanese skills by using and reusing what you learn. The interactive tools will let you train the structures and vocabulary so that you can remember them more easily. The more you use the tools and make exercises, the more points you'll win!

There are also statistics available. You can then compare your skills with other members.

Remember this site has a big French-speaking community, whereas its English version is brand new. So everything has not been translated yet. I'll be working on that. Should you be able to speak in French and you want to help translate, you are more than welcome because it's a huge job for me alone. The site is 100% free, but contribution and help can't be declined.

The forum also exists in two versions : one for the French-speaking community and one for the English-speaking community, because I didn't want to mix languages in conversations. You can change the language from your account if you want to have a look and fully understand the integration of the site.

Ok, I just hope you can enjoy my work and improve your Japanese skills with this site.

IF YOU SEE ENGLISH MISTAKES IN THE CONTENT OF THE SITE, I NEED YOU TO CORRECT ME. Even if my English should be quite understandable, it can't be perfect, so step by step you can help me improve this English version.

Written by Raphael

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  Posted on Nov 9, 2016, 8:36:30 PM #3


I really like this site i have been on it for a couple days so far and its amazing! There is only one thing i question about it and that is that the belt ranking system, i have already completed all of my white belt class quests and yet i still need many many more points before i rankup. I do not really understand how to get those points needed if i have already completed all the white belt courses.
  Posted on Mar 2, 2010, 9:31:48 AM #2


Thanks a lot, I do hope the site can meet your expectations. If you like it and could tell your friends about it, it would me much increase the English community.
  Posted on Mar 1, 2010, 7:42:38 PM #1


Thank you very much for establishment this website. I've just applied for member so I still don't have anything to say much I will be back later and praise how nice is your website...

Thanks anyway

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