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mardi 11 décembre 2018

JA Sensei 5.1.0 was released a few days ago, and is available on Google Play. Here are the new features: 


  • New Kanji Self Validation quiz mode

Aural Comprehension

  • Added furigana and romaji to the audio transcription
  • Possibility to spaces out words to analyze and understand a sentence more easily
  • For Samurai Unlimited members, I integrated Pack 4 with 10 new situations (30 audio texts) and 800 extra words. So now you have 53 situations (159 audio texts and a lot of new words!!)
  • IMPORTANT: reinstall all the Aural Comprehension modules to enjoy the new features above


  • Search tool for Grammar, Counters and Particles updated
  • Added the missing Vocabulary lists for the latest lessons
  • Fixed various minor bugs and a couple of more important ones
  • Improved responsiveness on some slow screens

If you are using a tablet, the Aural Comprehension module might crash if you hold it horiztontally. The bug has already been reported and I'll fix it very soon. Until then, you can turn your tablet vertically when you start the Aural Comprehension module so that you can still use it. You shouldn't have any issue on smartphone devices.

Don't forget to leave a comment on Google Play to support the app. Thank you!

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