vendredi 15 mars 2019

Really happy to contact you for a new announcement!

Since December, I had been working on JA Sensei to make it able to manage additional languages, and to facilitate the management of new translations. It was a necessary job because a growing number of users have been asking me for new languages. As a result of that long work, other languages ​​and translations will gradually be added to JA Sensei. I tried to finish this work as quickly as possible, because I’m aware that many users also expect other new features.

So, JA Sensei version 5.1.4 now available on Google Play with full integration of a QUIZ mode for the Radicals module. Just like Kana, Kanji and Vocabulary quizzes, the new Radicals quiz tracks your answers automatically to optimize your reviewing sessions (SRS system). And this new feature is totally free for all users!

Why is it useful to know Radicals?

  1. You’ll develop the ability to break down complex kanji to learn how to write them easily
  2. You’ll link a meaning to each part of a kanji that you draw to remember it
  3. Sometimes, it helps to deduce the meaning of a kanji or a word that you don’t know
  4. You’ll pick the right segments of a kanji when searching for a kanji in the dictionary for example

The quiz is highly configurable to suit your needs. The “Radical in Kanji” mode is particularly interesting to develop your kanji observation speed, and to get used to all the graphic variations that a radical can take.

In a nutshell, a very useful new tool that will help you a little more in your learning.

To support JA Sensei, please take two minutes to rate the app in Google Play and write a short comment. A BIG THANK YOU !!

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  Ecrit le 26 mars 2019, 16:30:11 #1


Another wonderful idea! (^○^)
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