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lundi 23 septembre 2019


Great news! The vocabulary for the JLPT N3 (international Japanese test) is available on the website for all Samurai users. This list contains 1644 words with audio recorded by a Japanese native speaker for perfect pronunciation.

If you are a Samurai member on the website, you can already benefit from this new content thanks to the vocabulary tool.

If you use JA Sensei and you have the Samurai Unlimited account on the website, I will make sure that you can also download this content on JA Sensei for the next release, and of course for free. However, even if you already have the Samurai Unlimited account and want to support JA more, you can still purchase contribution points on the website. I am currently working on the N2 and N1 levels, hoping to integrate them as soon as possible.

Note that this content is not part of JA Sensei Premium, whose reduced price already provides a lot of content, and which continues to be enriched at no additional cost to the user. The Samurai Unlimited account allows me to find a balance between the resources necessary to keep the project alive, and the general interest of users. There is still a lot to do, and in any case your support will allow me to make it happen.

Ecrit par Raphael

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