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jeudi 24 octobre 2019


As announced last week, three new lessons have been added to the site. They are also progressive, and take up the grammar points you learned in previous lessons. The benefits:

  • Review what you learned, and see how you can use it in practice
  • Learn to express yourself in Japanese by forming a logical connection between your thoughts

All three lessons are currently available to Samurai users of the website:

I'll soon integrate them into JA Sensei for Premium users along with the two others already added last week (so, there'll be 5 new lessons in JA Sensei).

As a reminder, the vocabulary for JLPT N2 has also been available on the website since Tuesday. It will also be integrated into JA Sensei for Samurai Unlimited members soon.

Thank you all for supporting JA!

Ecrit par Raphael

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