dimanche 5 janvier 2020

My Best Wishes for the New Year! I hope it will bring you much joy and success in your projects.

The year 2019 was rich in new features:

  • 9 major updates for JA Sensei
  • Several thousand words with audio added to provide all the JLPT vocabulary from N5 to N1
  • 5 more lessons added, entirely focusing on reading Japanese
  • Quizzes added for the Radicals module
  • Improvement of the Kanji search tool
  • Multiple selection mode added to quickly manage items in your lists
  • The Phrasebook module redesigned with a complete grammatical analysis of each sentence.
  • SRS Quiz for the Phrasebook module.

The next version will integrate a new learning tool based on the Flashcards approach, as in Anki. It's a feature that has been requested oftn, and it will offer an additional way of learning before proceeding to the review quizzes. It will be a complementary tool, it will not replace what already exists. Everyone will therefore be able to use the current and the new tools to their liking.

Once again I wish you all a very happy New Year 2020!

Entrance of the Kanazawa Station
Photo by Richie Chan via BigStockPhoto

Ecrit par Raphael

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