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vendredi 16 octobre 2020

JA Sensei Version 5.4.0 is available.

  • New notification system that reminds you every day to review what you learned
  • New centralized screen to easily track and review all your kanji, words, etc.
  • Vocabulary: 4000 new example phrases (total 9200!) carefully selected to illustrate word usages

You can choose a specific time in the day to receive the notification (preferably when you're not busy).

You can also choose to disable the notification for individual modules to suit your needs. Of course, if no items need to be reviewed, no notification will be sent to you.

On the same tool, you can also press the numbers (see image below). The quiz will open with the right settings. You won't have to navigate through all the modules to see if there is something you need to review anymore. Everything is centralized on this small screen.

You can open this tool directly from the main menu of the application: press the icon in the top right corner.

Download JA Sensei directly from Google Play, and don't forget to rate and comment the application to support it and encourage its development.

Ecrit par Raphael

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