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vendredi 8 octobre 2021

71 new grammar sheets have been added to the website. These sheets cover mainly the JLPT N3 and JLPT N2 levels, and some of the JLPT N4 and N1.

Each card is illustrated with examples for a total of 266 new simple and eloquent examples to understand the use of the grammatical structure. The audio is recorded by a Japanese native speaker.

You can find all these sheets directly in the Grammar section of the website. Here are some examples of the new cards:

vTe + SHIMAU (しまう) To finish completely, irreparable action
Conditional with -NARA (なら) Assumption, if…
Conditional with -TO (と) Logical and natural consequence, if… then, when
vTa + KEKKA (結果) Consequently, therefore, result
vCond + HODO (ほど) The more I do, the more…
IPPOU DA (一方だ) Tendency, increasing intensity, more and more
KARA NI WA (からには) Logical cause, from the moment, since, given that
Passive Causative/Factitive To be forced to, to be compelled, to be made to do

And many other documents. There are currently 185 sheets available. These sheets will also be added into JA Sensei for Android soon.

A big thank you to Xehanort for his help in the realization of these documents!

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