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jeudi 24 novembre 2022

This year end is rich in new content in JA Sensei with the addition of 8 new stories in the "Reading" module.

These stories allow you to read authentic Japanese while working on vocabulary, grammar, character reading, learning common and natural expressions, etc. In short, a great exercise to progress quickly without getting bored.


8 new stories in Japanese


JA Sensei Premium users will get two new stories for free, and Samurai Unlimited members will get six additional stories. I'm currently finalizing more stories that should be added in early December!

8 new stories in Japanese

This year, to celebrate Black Friday, JA Sensei Premium will be on sale from November 25th to November 30th with a 35% discount (variable according to the local currency rate of your country), take advantage of it before it's too late!

Download JA Sensei version 5.6.2 on Google Play!

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