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lundi 20 mai 2024

I am pleased to introduce the new tool in JA Sensei 5.9.0: Kana Odyssey, an epic adventure to improve your reading speed of hiragana and katakana.

8 new stories in Japanese

Kana Odyssey in a few words:

  • Improve your reading fluency: Read aloud a series of words and phrases written in hiragana and katakana as quickly as possible.
  • Progress every day: Practice regularly to see tangible progress.
  • An engaging story to discover as you progress: In the mystical depths of Japan, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the rebellious Shinto deity of night and chaos, has broken the chains of his millennial exile. A malevolent rain falls upon Japan, capturing the hiragana and katakana from the minds of the Japanese people. You, a foreigner chosen by Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, are destined to save Japan from this curse. Travel across the country, find the hidden urns, and release the kana to restore knowledge and light.
8 new stories in Japanese

Key Features:

  • Adaptation to your level: The game adjusts slightly up or down to ensure each mission is a reachable challenge.
  • Hints and penalties: Use hints to break down the kana, but be aware of the penalties on your speed and points.
  • Combo: Perform combos by reading multiple words in a row to earn more points.
  • Goals and challenges: Reach higher reading speeds to win bronze, silver, or gold trophies.
  • Statistics tracking: Monitor your progress with detailed statistics. See your improvement over time to stay motivated and observe the concrete results of your efforts.
8 new stories in Japanese

Your support is essential to me. If you enjoy JA Sensei, please take a moment to leave a comment on Google Play and rate the app. This helps me make it more well-known. Your feedback is invaluable in helping me continue to improve the app and meet your needs.

Thank you again for your loyalty and continued support.

Download JA Sensei 5.9.0 now and start your adventure with Kana Odyssey!
Google Play Store - JA Sensei

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