Particle KARA (から) cause


The particle から (KARA) is used to translate "because of," "since." The cause is introduced, which explains the action. In Japanese, it's more natural to first give the reason and then the consequence.

Shinkansen wa takai kara hikouki de ikimasu.
I’ll go by plane because the Shinkansen train is expensive. (The Shinkansen train is expensive, so I’ll go by plane.)


から (KARA) can be used at the end of a sentence to warn the listener. The reason is given, but the consequence is left to be inferred. Japanese people tend to avoid embarrassing situations, especially the ones when they have to speak straightforwardly about something negative. Warning someone can be felt as a criticism, so the information is understated.

Hatarakisugiru to byouki ni naru kara...
If you work too much, you’ll get sick (so you should stop).

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