Particle TO (と) indirect speech


The particle と (TO) is used in the structure "noun +  + IU" to tell the name of someone or something, after which more information is provided. It can often be translated as "named...," "called..."

"Nikkou" to iu kankouchi ni itta koto ga arimasu ka.
Have you ever been to a tourist destination called Nikko?

In informal language, という (TO IU) becomes っていう (-TTE IU).


と (TO) is the particle used to form the indirect speech in Japanese, to express what someone said, asked, thought, etc.

Haha wa watashi ni "rokuji made ni kaeru youni" to iimashita.
My mother told me to come home by six.

Hatsuon wa tadashii to omoimasu.
I think that your pronunciation is correct. 

In informal language, という (TO IU) becomes っていう (-TTE IU).

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