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Friday, September 27, 2013

Update your application. Here are the new features available in JA Sensei 2.7.3 on Google Play:

  • Phrasebook: new free category (General, 83 phrases)
  • Phrasebook: added 361 new phrases (now 900 phrases available!)
  • Phrasebook: record and compare your own pronunciation
  • Phrasebook: get all Kanji detailed info for each phrase
  • Vocabulary: record and compare your own pronunciation
  • General: improved contact tools for tech support
  • Numbers: fixed quizzes for numbers above 10

All the new phrases have been optimized for Speech Recognition.

Important: if you have the free version, delete it and reinstall it to get the new free Phrasebook category. If you have the Premium version, you only need to reinstall the module.

Don't forget to rate JA Sensei positively to support its development on Google Play.

Written by Raphael

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